Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Guatemalans have their day at the Embassy

Our friends from San Juan la Laguna met the Consul General at the US Embassy today, Tuesday, May 19. For many of them, the kids especially, this will have been their first trip outside San Juan. Going to the capital must have been a great adventure. In a few short weeks they embark on an even greater adventure, going further from home than (probably) anyone in their family, ever.

We feel positive the US embassy will grant the visas. Senator Lugar's office submitted a very supportive letter. Our contact in the office believes they will have little trouble getting visas. So, we are likely to welcome our friends to Bloomington!

Fundraising continues apace and everyone is engaged in preparation.

Inquiries and donations for the program can be sent to Gracia at Art.Across.the.Americas@gmail.com.

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