Sunday, June 22, 2008

And more food


We just finished eating lunch. Emily, a college student staying with Patrona, talked to us after we finished eating. We were reminded that it was important to recognize that Patrona´s is a house, not a restaurant. It was kind of shocking for me to hear, because I felt as though we were being really respectful, courteous, and gracious. I suppose we will just continue doing so, only even more!

A lot of us have grown very fond of, if not attached to, some of the junk food here. One of these foods is a cookie called Chiky. They are kind of like fudge dipped shortbread cookies. They are very delicious!! Another of our favorites is actually a drink, Mirinda. It is kind of like Orange Crush but sweeter. But by far the favorite of all is Patrona´s pineapple marmalade! It is always gulped down by the spoonful! People love it so much that they are finding as many uses as possible for it. The marmalade has been added to pan dulce, toast, tortillas, coffee, and even frijoles!! (I am not very fond of the latter, personally.) There is talk of trying to smuggle some of these items back home...

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