Tuesday, June 10, 2008

June 10, 2008 Update - Tuesday´s adventure

June 10, 2008

by: Rose

Today we met with the Guatemalan muralists to get lessons on the traditional Guatemalan style. There are 2 muralists. Both of them are named Antonio. Half of us went with Antonio Coché and half of us went with Antonio Vasquez. I was with Vasquez. We copied paintings that were in the art gallery (as a way for Antonio to learn the art styles of the students).

At about 12:30 we went to the dock by the lake to see the lake. We walked around part of the lake to try to find the beach. Then we went to Patrona's for lunch. Patrona showed us how to make belts (using a hand weaving technique rather than a loom). Then we went to the hotel, where we are right now. Some of us are playing Maui (a new card game we learned that has become all the rage in our group) and some of us are taking showers.

Patrona's pineapple marmalade rocks!

by: Spencer, Jamil, Daniel

Today is the second full day we've been in San Juan, Guatemala. We met with artists and we looked at our mural spot. Some muralists gave us some art lessons. We are all really excited about painting the mural and we hope to get it done before we leave San Juan.

After that we had a nice lunch at Patrona's. She served us chicken, tortillas, guacamole, vegetables, and rice. For desert we had watermelon and pineapple.

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