Sunday, June 22, 2008

Being at the mural site

Tuesday, June 17th, 2008
One of the best things about being in Guatemala is all of the kids that show up to help with the mural. Every time I´m up there, there are kids that I have never seen before and kids that have come everyday so far. We always have to make sure that we a lot of paper so that the kids can draw pictures. Every time we are there they all either want to help us paint on the mural or they want to draw pictures of us.

Domingo is a student that is always there and is always doing something to help us with the mural, where ever we go I always look over and he is always right there following us to where ever we arw going (somw of us call him the Guatemalan version of Daniel).

Elana is another kid that is there every day and she is best friends now with Mariza and I. She taught us a game that is in Spanish and it is like London Bridges and tug-of-war combined. It is really fun but every time we play it it seems like someone gets hurt.

Not only have they taught us some of their games but we have taught them ours as well. Sara (or Sarita as everyone calls her) had some "Uno" cards in Clifford (her backpack) so we taught the kid how to play when we ran out of paper. We also taught them "Down By the Banks" and a lot of them learned all the words.

It is really fun trying to talk to everyone and to try to understand them as well. The girls and the boys actions with each other are a lot different than how we act with each other back in Bloomington. You don´t see the girl with the boys or the boys with the girls it´s more like they stick with their own gender. I think that the kids are going to be the thing that I miss most when we go home.

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