Sunday, June 22, 2008


Jessica and Sarah

One of the most important aspects of the traditional Mayan way of life here is the clothing. The women we see daily are dressed in the most beautiful skirts and blouses we've ever seen! Each village has a textile pattern that is specific to the people who live there and the women do all of their own weaving. It seems as if the layers of skirts would be too hot or heavy, but they are actually quite useful and do not hinder the abilities of the women. We have gone to numerous markets and seen countless examples of handbags, skirts, jackets, quilts, scarves, table cloths and runners, shoes, etc. that are spectacularly woven and sold at prices much lower than those found in the states. We have even been able to learn how actual back-strap weaving is done and have had the opportunity to try for ourselves. It is funny how much we love and admire the work of the women of San Juan as well as the textiles they have worn and sold us. It will be very different returning home and not seeing the beautiful skirts and shawls that are everywhere here!

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