Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Days of flood: The group that got through!, June 7 & 8, 2008

Amy F.
Saturday June 7th:
I woke up early in the morning just wanting to get to the airport and be in Guatemala. It had been storming for almost 4 days and it had been raining almost non-stop. Because of the rain there had been flooding and a lot of the highways had been closed. We started to go to highway 65 then we heard that it was going to close soon, so we turned around and started to go home to see if we could just wait it out. We were almost home when Sara I. called us and told us to turn back around because it wasn’t closed after all, so we were on our way again but there was a hold up because there was a tree down blocking the road. We took a detour through the Brown county state park. When we finally got to the Indy airport only half of our group was stuck and couldn’t get to the airport because he floods. We had to leave without our to main leaders. The rain had followed us all the way to Guatemala and the power was out in the airport. We found Aida in the whole mess of people at the airport and she took us back to her home. We had dinner when we got there them we got into our rooms and went to sleep.

Sunday June 8th: We got up that morning and got ready to go then we were waiting for breakfast we turned on the T.V. that was in our room and we all watched Friends with Spanish subtitles. Then we all ate breakfast and then we explored their home while we waited for the bus that would take us to San Juan. The bus ride was really long especially for me. It was a 3 to 4 hour ride and I had to go pee half an hour into the ride. The whole bus ride Colin was trying take a picture of a gas station sign and he could never take the picture in time. When we got closer to San Juan we could see the lake and then the turns became sharper and scarier, and the whole time we were just sing songs and trying to remember the words to the songs that we were trying to sing. As soon as we got to the hotel I immediately went to the bathroom to take care of my business. We picked our rooms then we went to Patrona’s for a late lunch/early dinner. To end our evening we had a short meeting then went to bed.

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