Sunday, June 22, 2008


By Elliott and Spencer


The first market we went to was Santiago. After Breakfast we went one town over to get on a boat to get there. The boat ride took about half an hour and other than 4 Mayans, we had the boat to ourselves. When we got there we picked a chaperon to walk around with and gathered with them. When we got off the dock, there were a million kids waiting to sell us beaded trinkets. They were really persistent and a little annoying. There were also women walking around with blankets trying to sell them to us. After we got through all that we got to the actual market. The market was a long street lined with vendors and a few small side streets. On our first way through the market we got look through a weaving factory in witch they were using foot looms and the weavers were all men. They were weaving the wrapping skirts that the women were there. After the factory we started heading towards the Peace Park. This was a long walk but it was well worth it. When we got there Goyo (our guide from Fundation Solar) told us about the history. Then we went back into town by way of pickup bed. This time through town we were allowed to buy stuff. We with our chaperone's to each booth looking and bargaining. Santiago was more of a touristy market because we didn't see very many Mayan shoppers.


The second market we went to was more of a real Mayan market. They way we got to this market was by boat and Chicken Bus. The boat ride was the same but riding the Chicken Bus was crazy. There were so many people stuffed on an old school bus with a crazy driver whipping us around these tight mountain turns. When we go to the market, it was hustling and bustling the whole time everywhere. There were so many vendors and people that it was really easy to get lost. No one did though fortunately! There was a lot of food and not very much stuff. There were so many smells that some times you had to hold your nose. The prices at this market were very good because it was the real deal and Mayans cant afford expensive stuff very often. There were almost no tourists at this market except for us.


The day we went to Pana, was the same day we went to Solola. Pana was the town we docked in before riding the Chicken Bus to Solola. Pana was not as fun of a market because it was touristy and there weren't very many street vendors. There were a lot of restaurants and little cafes to eat in. The vendors were not as into bargaining with us as at the other markets. The prices at this market were really high and hard to get lower. At this market there were more stores and less street vendors. We saw no Mayan shoppers at this market and saw the most white gringos of the whole trip.

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