Monday, June 16, 2008

Meeting the Pen-Pals

Elliott and Spencer

We met pen-pals after breakfast at the school on June 12. We first went to the school and met the principal in his office to ask questions and figure out our pen-pals names. A lot of people didn´t know there pen-pals names but somehow we figured it out.

After that we went to some classrooms to look around and find our pen-pals. We finally got to the classroom where they were all waiting for us. When we got in to the classroom, they all started singing, "Good morning, Good morning, How are you, ...". Then we pointed out our pen-pals and went outside to talk to them.

It was a little bit akward because we really couldn´t ask questions and it was hard at first to break the language barrier. Then we started walking around to the houses. At the first house, Juan Carlos, Elliott´s pen-pal, we were all suprised at the living conditions of the family. Before we left Juan Carlos´s mom gave Elliott a beautiful bag that she made. It made Eric and Gracia cry. Then we went on going to each pen-pals house. Some of the others gave gifts but most didn´t.

It was so amazing to get the inside look at how people live here. They are in such poverty yet they still are able to be so nice and so generous to people they barely know. It was also really awesome to get to know the pen-pals a little bit even though most of us couldn´t understand them. We had a lot of fun running around in the street tickling each other and chasing each other around. Towards the end we split up into two groups for the final houses.

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