Monday, June 16, 2008

Mural update

Rose and Arielle
When you come across our mural, you see multiple activities going on at the same time. There are kids drawing pictures on paper, people painting on the wall, and kids playing games. It is very exciting if you are a newcomer to our island of productive chaos.

Sometimes it can get very intense when you are painting and someone has to paint right above or below you (or both). Or when two people have to use the ladder at the same time to reach the place they have to paint.

The Antonios are Guatemalan artists that are helping us paint the mural. They have the same first names have started to paint the landscapes in the middle of the mural. Arielle has finished two of her three triangles and I (Rose) have finished two and three quarters of my four.

Hordes of little kids come everyday to help us paint and make drawings of their own to help us fundraise to bring back some kids to Bloomington in the years to come. Usually at least one person is playing games with them, such as: Uno, Down by the Banks, and other fun games.
Popsicles, sodas, and coffee are essentials for our survival in the heat. Choco Bananas and sunblock are also necessities (Choco Bananas are frozen bananas dipped in melted chocolate. Yum!).

The mural is quickly coming along and we should be finished in due time. We are really excited about it and so are many other people. We will be glad to give you more mural updates. Adios!

Editor´s Note: The mural is based on a traditional Indiana quilt pattern, the Hoosier Star. The pattern is filled with triangular sections of textiles from around the world. The entie quilt pattern is surrounded by Tz´utujil Mayan textile pattern.

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