Monday, June 16, 2008


Daniel Spencer

In san juan one of the ways people get around is a thing called a tuk tuk, which are little red three wheeled vehicles that are open on the sides with lots of stickers on the back and wind sheilds. They dont look like they could go very fast but they can go up to about 40mh.

Another one of the modes of trasportation is a chicken bus which are relly just old converted school buses crowded with lots of people sometimes the drivers are reckless. Usually colorful, they are good cheap way to get places.

The boats that took us to Panajachel and Santiago were not very big. They were all white with a blue stripe running down the side. One of the boats had a second floor it was fun to watch the mountains go by and feeling the wind rush past you face.

Another one of the ways of transportation is trucks with a open end at the back people just stand. They go many places and are very useful they have a metal cage on top so people dont fall out.

we usually walk places its much diffrent there are no side walks so you haveto walk on the street and avoid getting hit.

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